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Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers

One of my favorite things to do after church on Sunday morning is head into the city for brunch.  Brunch usually last for about four hours, and very quickly turns into Sunday Funday…please tell me you know what that means…I’ll wait… Anyway, we brunch…and we brunch hard.  So, I look for brunch everywhere I go.  One of my new favorites in DC is the brunch at Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers.  I can’t really say enough awesome things about the brunch at FFB (You didn’t think I was going to keep typing out the whole name did you?).  I usually post tons of pictures, but it’s virtually impossible to capture all of the merriment that is, FFB’s brunch.  Here’s a picture from their website that is SPOT ON. FFB BrunchI’ll be honest, at one moment, I wondered if the food was really as good as I thought, or if the service was so awesome, and I was having such a great time, that nothing could be bad.  Or maybe it was the pot of apples and cinnamon simmering near my table, for the express purposes of making the room smell nice.  I don’t know…does it matter?

FFB TacosIn addition to a super cheap ($29.99), and equally amazing buffet, the servers are constantly walking around with trays of pizza, sushi, eggs benedict with the best hollandaise I’ve EVER had, and a variety of other magnificent bites of heaven as selected by the amazing culinary team…Chef Tamika, being my favorite.  The buffet is split up into sections: one with mostly breakfast offerings like orange cranberry french toast, breakfast meats, and omelets; another with more savory, lunchtime fare to include some awesome salads like, shrimp salad, couscous, and a caprese to die for; and another with a taco station and FRESH GUACAMOLE, staffed by this cutie on the left.   Then there’s dessert, of course, sushi, pizza, and on and on, until Jesus comes back, and has to roll you up to heaven.  Did I mention the cinnamon rolls?  There’s something about a warm cinnamon roll that just makes everything right with the world…and you can get them right here.

BloodyMaryCloseup_StephanieBreijoLet’s talk libation. Jon Arroyo is like, my mixology crush.  Is that a thing?  I met him a number of years ago at a Gin Rickey contest in Adams Morgan, as I stood there and drank about five of his contest submissions.  The skill, passion, and technique with which he approaches mixology is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  He somehow manages to escape the pretentiousness that usually accompanies those who achieve his level of expertise and downright genius, and has constructed some of the most amazing cocktails, and variations on classics that I’ve ever seen.  Stay tuned, I’m gonna take a couple days, and try all of his creations, and walk you through them one by one.

Take a look at this awesome link to see what you’re missing.  Make your reservations early, and get there on time…or else your punishment will be drinking bourbon mules by the bar, while you wait for a table…wait…is that punishment?

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