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Rattlesnake Pasta

Let me start here…there’s no rattlesnakes in this dish.  I really don’t know why it’s called rattlesnake pasta, but that’s the universal name for it.  Usually it’s just chicken, but I like to go overboard in all things, so I do chicken, sausage, and shrimp.  This isn’t a recipe that I created myself, although I’ve definitely made it my own.  I’m sharing it because, every once in a while, I get a ridiculous craving for pasta, and this is one that I ALWAYS have the ingredients for, and it only takes about thirty minutes to make.  It’s spicy, creamy, filling, and delicious.  There’s nothing not to love about it.  My favorite way to eat it is sitting Indian style in the middle of my bed…I’ve even woken up in the middle of the night with a bowl of it sitting on my chest because I’ve literally passed out from the shear ecstasy of this gluttonous treasure.  Your judgement means nothing to me…

Choose any pasta you like.  You can make this as authentic, or quick as you want.  When I’m making this as a main course for a dinner party, I’ll go through the beautiful trouble of making homemade pasta.  Honestly, that’s what makes the big difference between pasta we make at home, and past we get at the restaurant.  They actually have the time, means, and equipment to make fresh pasta.  Find a recipe that doesn’t intimidate you, and try some of your own.  Once you’ve had fresh, homemade pasta, it’ll be hard to go back to the box.  As an alternative, for a quick solution, I use the store bought “fresh” pasta, and it lands somewhere in the middle.  I like a thicker noodle for this, so nothing smaller than linguini.

To begin, season boneless, skinless chicken thighs with salt, red and black pepper, and granulated garlic, and bake in oven until done.  While chicken is cooking, heat a large saute pan over medium heat, add oil to pan once it’s hot.  Slice 1 lb of smoked sausage, and cook until it starts to brown. Slice one whole jalepeno, red, and yellow pepper, and one large yellow onion.  Once sausage is brown, add vegetables to pan and toss.  Add minced garlic, red pepper flakes (to taste).  Add 1 lb of medium, shelled, deveined, shrimp, with tails removed and toss.  Once shrimp is cooked through, remove mixture from heat…it’ll be gorgeous and look like this…



Start a pot of salted boiling water for pasta.  Cook Pasta and remove from water, and set aside.  Reserve water.

In a sauce pot, melt one stick of butter.  Gradually stir in 1/2 cup of flour and stir together until mixture is about the consistency of wet sand.  Once the mixture is blond in color, begin to stir in 1 quart of chicken stock.  Continue to mix until smooth and about the consistency of heavy cream.  Add more or less to achieve the necessary thickness.  Add one cup of milk to mixture and bring to a simmer.  Add 2 cups of parmesan cheese, and stir until melted.  Season sauce with salt, red pepper, and granulated garlic.  If the sauce is too thick, add a table spoon of pasta water.

Slice baked chicken, and add to meat mixture, and combine with pasta and sauce.  Serve with red pepper flakes.  This thing is supposed to be HOT…but not everybody likes it like that, so serve them on the side…voila!!  It’s not pretty, but it’s freaking delicious!!




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I'm an awesome chef who creates, finds, and eats amazing food...then blogs about it.


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I made lobster risotto on my IG story this evening.  I bought some lobster tails a couple of weeks ago, the last time Z wanted to have some meat, planning to have surf and turf, but we never made it past the turf (those short ribs were just heavenly), but I digress.  I froze the lobster tails and here we are.  I started out by placing an instacart order for the remaining ingredients to make lobster bisque, and then when the groceries were en route, I decided on risotto instead.  You can follow the basic steps in the IG story.  This one never disappoints and has infinite variations.  Master the risotto and you'll always have an impressive meal up your sleeve. #mymycooks #lobsterrisotto #dinnertime I'm making lobster risotto on my IG story... #mymycooks #lobsterrisotto #dinnertime I can't remember the first time I met Dick Gregory, but I remember the first time I heard his name...at breakfast one morning, some time in the '80s my mother pulled a gold canister of "Bahamian Diet" out of the cabinet, cut up some bananas, and put them in the blender with a couple of scoops from that canister, some yogurt,  strawberries, apple juice, and ice, and when she finished blending the concoction, she yelled out to Daddy "Bae!! The Dick Gregory is ready". Just about every morning after that until well into the 90's, I heard the same phrase, after a similar chain of events.  So, as you can imagine, the name "Dick Gregory" is synonymous with "home" for me.  One day I heard the name in reference to a man and told Daddy the man had the same name as his breakfast drink, and Daddy laughed and said "no baby, he makes the breakfast drink, that's why we call it that", and he officially introduced me to this giant.  Over the years growing up and living in this area, I've had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of time with Mr. Gregory...so much so that he knew me when he saw me, and would pick right back up with helping me prepare for "the last days" in each of our conversations.  Total preparation, not just to include preparation for the tangible, like what to have stockpiled to eat and drink, but how to mentally, spiritually, and emotionally prepare.  I've taken so many of these things to heart and remember the conversations fondly now.  My prayers are with his family as they maneuver through this difficult time.  I can't imagine the void that his passing has left, but knowing Baba Dick, they are certainly prepared.  Baba Dick, you've earned your reward, rest peacefully. My honey mentioned that his actual favorite kind of pizza crust is deep dish, but always opts for thin crust (his second favorite), since it's so difficult to find good deep dish pizza.  #currently mastering #deepdishpizza I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve...so far so good... #staytuned #mymycooks
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