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Hendricks Gin and Tonic Frozen Floral Fantasy Cocktail

This lovely lady liked one of my recipes, and as a result, I was introduced to these amazing confections on her page…this one, had to be reposted. It’s gonna be warm and sunny this weekend, and THIS is the perfect cocktail to officially introduce spring!!

ice cream magazine

A client rang to vent her frustration, she somehow knew I wouldn’t fail her with amused understanding. She had half prepared everything for ‘her wanna be chef’ to subsequently load, into an electric crock pot which would be left on all day and ready for their Valentine supper a deux upon her return.  Worth mentioning they are not renown as a cohesive unit or mind melding collaboration.
She was then set for a crack of dawn departure, a long journey in rotten weather and a gruelling day in court. The prospect of a warm hearty meal was rich and poignant punctuation, definitely something to look forward to, she duly left and by agreement, left a Valentine card and billet-doux for the chef du jour, her note that read along the lines of:-
Pot on, put all this in, give it a stir, lid on, then just leave to cook. Speak…

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'Tis the season 🤦🏾‍♀️ Smh #theresnoluckinthatpot The prettiest #jambalaya I've ever made...instead of chicken, I opted for duck breast because...why not #duck instead of chicken, whenever humanly possible?! Also, this time of year, duck is much easier to come by (I swear it's been on my shopping list and replaced with whatever I was able to find, no less than three times this summer). Gorgeous, plump, and juicy #shrimp and my favorite turkey #andouillesausage 😍😍😍😍 #mymycooks In light of an unexpected care package from Cali, I'll be sharing the wealth tomorrow only, w/scratch made infused death by chocolate brownies (that's triple chocolate 😩). Send a message if you're interested.  Pick up in the city tomorrow only.  #mymycooks #mymybakestoo
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