Chef Myra
Chef Myra

Chef Myra

Hey Guys!!  I’m Chef Myra!  I’m a classically trained chef and master mixologist and I LOVE to eat and drink.  It’s really true that if you love your work, you’ll never work a day in your life.  I’ve been in “the business” for over 15 years and this has been QUITE a ride!  I started this blog as a place where I can share recipes from my kitchen; awesome articles I read, cool things I find on other Chef’s blogs and on the internet (I LOVE the internet), and of course, awesome things I eat and drink while I’m out in the world.  I’d love to hear about things you try out, whether you love them or not, and any ideas you may have for the recipes I post.  I’m usually pretty easy breezy when it comes to most things, but, in my kitchen, there are a few non-negotiables…here are a few things that will make browsing this blog a bit easier:

1.  Fresh ingredients make ALL the difference.  In addition to the health benefits, buying locally grown produce, poultry, etc. helps to sustain our local economy.  I’m a sucker for farmer’s markets and fairs, where I can pump some money back into my neighborhood.  Also, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and some Harris Teeter Markets, exclusively sell produce from local farms.  Don’t worry, if it’s local, it’ll say it right there on the sign. *steps off soap box*

2.  I’m allergic to mushrooms, so you won’t see them mentioned anywhere on this blog.  I know people love them, add them where you like, and be sure to share your results!

3.  I eat pork, beef, gluten…shoot, I’ll eat just about anything if it’s yummy.  I’ll try to provide alternatives where possible, but I will let you know if altering the recipe will mess it up.

4.  If I suggest a brand, do the best you can to use that exact brand, I’m usually pretty laid back about most things, but trust me on this stuff.

5.  All measurements are approximate unless otherwise specified.  At the end of each seasoning instruction imagine the words “to taste”…if it needs more salt, dash away…more pepper?  Spice it up!!

6.  Cooking Wine is the devil, if you wouldn’t drink it, don’t cook with it.  Also, if a recipe calls for wine, do NOT substitute with chicken, beef, vegetable or any other kind of stock…grow up people.  (Speaking of wine…pour yourself a glass…it makes the whole experience more enjoyable…I talked to Jesus, and He’s totally ok with this, no worries. )

7.  Most importantly, MAKE YOUR OWN STOCK!!  Make a crap ton of it, and just freeze it.  Freeze it in portions that are easy to manage.  You can pour it into freezer bags once it’s cooled down.  I also freeze some in ice trays, in case I need just a small amount.  Here’s a recipe for chicken stock, and one for brown stock (you can substitute veal bones for beef bones, easily).

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who has the notion to drop by.  Without you, this would just be a journal…and that would be kind of lame, now wouldn’t it?



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Every year, Z becomes extra introspective around his birthday.  He sort of goes on a spiritual fast and becomes very quiet and what I used to think was, withdrawn.  As we have continued to grow, I’ve watched in awe as he takes stock of the previous year and makes plans for the year ahead, and always highlights that for which he is most grateful.  Keeping with the theme of the past week, I’m highlighting my greatest blessings, and he’s at the top of the list.  I’m grateful for your life @thebeardedmensch.  I’m grateful for our life together, and I’m grateful for everything we’re blessed to share.  I love you more than bacon. ‘nuff said.  Happy Birthday Baby 😘 Quasi-vacay mode for the Mr.’s birthday.  I’d far prefer working from the beach than the subzero temps in DC right now.  Not to mention my favorite pastime...canoodling with my boo... #wellbeback #zday2018 #thismightbetheonlypic We’re a week away from the actual day, but we always celebrate early with friends and family before we skip town for our annual tradition.  Can you believe this is the fourth birthday party I’ve thrown for you @thebeardedmensch? “Small, intimate, #pizza, #tacos, #beer.” Your wish is my command 😘 when I asked what kind of birthday cake he wanted, he said he wanted an ice cream cake...#rockyroad to be specific.  Nobody sells that.  So, I hit up Pinterest for inspiration on construction and set out to make #cashewmilk #rockyroadicecream because #nondairy is a must 💨💨💨 I made the #carvel crunchies out of Oreos and #magicshell ice cream topping and decided on #pralinesandcream for the top layer.  I might do a video with all of the steps, but long story short, I “iced it” with cool whip and piled the top high with all of the ingredients.  It was bomb.  We had a blast. I like to take an inside/out approach to warmth.  Roasted curried vegetable soup for #lunch. Pulled this together in between calls and gusts of wind howling by the windows.  #mymycooks #roastedcurry #vegetablesoup #curriedvegetables #mymycooks
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